Monday, May 21, 2018

Government Contract Leads & Intelligence
Top 10 Reasons Why

There are at least 10 reasons why you should implement GovWatch if you are interested in winning government contracts.

  1. Spend Less Time & Money: You cannot keep up with the volume of information flowing from government buyers the way we can, comparing our costs to yours.
  2. Know Everything: When you are ready to price your offer on a contract, access to our one-of-a-kind database of comparable contracts is essential to know what other, similar contracts have priced at recently; you will no longer overshoot or undershoot the market or have to guess.
  3. Stay Anonymous, Part 1 (Q&A): When we submit questions to a buyer in relation to a contract, you remain anonymous to the buyer, so we can be much more aggressive in our questioning.
  4. Receive Advanced Notice: We can tell you not only which contracts are out for bidding right now, but also which contracts are coming out next week, next month, and next year.
  5. Stay Anonymous, Part 2 (Open Records): When we submit an open records request to a buyer in relation to a contract, you remain anonymous to the buyer, and get the benefit of having the information without associating your company with our sometimes contentious requests.
  6. Find MBE/WBE Firms: We maintain contact with minority- and women-owned business enterprises, so that when you need to name such a firm in your offer to a buyer, we may be able to help you locate one.
  7. Perform Modeling: You can use our database to perform modeling to help you answer important competitive questions:  When you win, why do you win?  When you lose, who do you lose to and why?
  8. Isolate Real Targets: Simply put, you will not win most government contracts.  Our process and database lets you know and remain aware of which contracts are winnable, and which are not, saving you countless valuable hours and reducing your opportunity costs.
  9. Meet Deadlines: Reduce your worries and fears about missing deadlines, as we monitor key dates for you and keep you and your colleagues aware.
  10. See Better Results!: The benefits you receive in items 1-9 will lead to what you really want, which is better results and more revenue as you win more government contracts.

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