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The Collection Industry's Government Contracts News Update
Third Quarter 2014 Edition
Published July 24, 2014

During the second quarter of 2014, requests for proposal from public sector entities seeking to outsource collection operations yielded at least 80 opportunities totaling more than $87 million in portfolios available for bidding and eventual servicing, as reported by Requestors included well-established receivables management outsourcers such as Bedford, VA, Brevard County, FL, and El Paso Community College. New outsourcing opportunities this past quarter included those announced by Austin, TX, Lakewood, OH, and Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Mixed Reaction to Open Letter to Arne Duncan on ED’s Procurement

In a recent op ed piece published in InsideARM, Nick Bernardo, member of Fed Cetera, wrote his opinion of a few ways the U.S. Department of Education (ED) could bring its procurement for debt collection to a speedy, uncontestable, non-litigious conclusion. Several PCA insiders who liked content said it included some ideas they believed, but would hesitate to voice. Others shared concerns the piece drew too much unnecessary attention to the PCA program, as if a Federal contract involving millions upon millions of American citizens with massive dollar amounts at stake involving a topic in the national consumer finance news just about every day could ever avoid the light of day, regardless of whether one person’s opinion remained silent.

Since then, ED has said all that it will say about how contracts will be awarded in the form of several hundred answers to questions posted at All of those answers point to what looks to be an objective process in principle. However, what is favorable to some within the process may not be favorable to others, so it remains to be seen if ED will be forced to face additional protests and lawsuits over its decision making process. With the centralization of massive amounts of debt in this single contract, a ten-year contract, and so many companies competing to remain a player in higher education collections, it is hard to envision awards by ED later this year without additional challenges. That remains to be seen.

PPS Achieves Federal HUBZone Certification

Professional Placement Services, a nationally licensed, woman-owned small business based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, announced it has achieved Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) certification through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The HUBZone program helps small businesses in urban and rural communities gain preferential access to Federal procurement opportunities. The program was enacted into law as part of the Small Business Reauthorization Act of 1997. PPS, an established government contractor in its own right, operates from a building the principals own, with expansion possible.

MyGovWatch Users Take the Lead University of Massachusetts Bid

In a recent competitive bid issued by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, nineteen distinguished companies competed for this lucrative contract for student loans and tuition accounts. Out of this large competitive field of 19 distinguished companies, four were chosen to serve the university including Reliant Capital Solutions, Windham Professionals, Enterprise Recovery Systems, and Coast Professional, and all four of these companies are users.

Companies that use have the competitive edge in public contracts, with access to historical data from past bids to help them make solid decisions rather than costly mistakes. Documents providing historical and competitive data posted on provide bidders with intelligent decision-making tools to effectively compete in the RFP process.

Other bidders included Account Control Technology, CCA of Hanover, Cedar Financial, ConServe, Delta Management Associates, Eastern Revenue, F.H. Cann & Associates, General Revenue Corporation, Immediate Credit Recovery, Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, Merchants & Medical, National Credit Management, Premiere Credit of North America, and Regional Adjustment Bureau, and Todd, Bremer & Lawson. Bidders were scored on eleven factors that included: historical recovery rate, understanding of the FDCPA, tools used to collect Perkins and Cohort accounts, and pricing. This three-year contract with 2 one-year options is anticipated to result in placements of nearly $500,000 each month with an average account balance of about $3,000.

Narrowing the Course in Kansas with BAFO

The State of Kansas recently selected two winners out of the four highest-ranking contenders in a heated Best and Final Offer (BAFO) showdown for tax collection. Winners Harris & Harris and Linebarger, Goggan, Blair, & Sampson were two of three incumbents, which also included NCO Financial Systems. Although only two companies were selected, detailed scoring data shows that four of the 20 bidders ranked above average in evaluation documents. users have access to search on terms like “BAFO” in the vendor center to see how much companies typically reduce their prices when confronted with a BAFO request.

Other bidders to this lucrative bid included Account Control, Systems, CBK Services, Credit World Services, Educational Assistance Services, HS Financial Group, Integral Recoveries, iQor, Mid-Continent Credit Services, Pendleton & Sutton Attorneys at Law, Penn Credit Corporation, Pioneer Credit Recovery, Quality Asset Recovery, Windham Professionals, Newman, Riffel & Hesse, Professional Recovery Consultants, Trak America, and United Collection Bureau. This is to be a one-year contract with 5 one-year options and is anticipated to result in nearly $1 million each month in placements with an average account balance of about $6,500.

One Out-of-State Winner Selected Cleveland County, North Carolina

In a recent RFP issued by Cleveland County, NC for healthcare and ambulatory accounts, the County went out of state to select one winner, Central Portfolio Control, of Eden Prairie, MN, to perform collection services that had been previously been processed in-house.

Central Portfolio Control is the first agency selected for the County. This one-year contract with 4 one-year options is anticipated to place $1.4 million each month with an average account balance of about $11,000.

The winning Central Portfolio Control proposal was written by Net Gain Marketing through the SOLARIS Proposal Development Program. This service has resulted in a return on investment exceeding 4,000% for clients since 2003 and more than $100,000,000 in fees paid to clients who won contracts through SOLARIS.

The other qualified agencies that bid on this contract which included Aargon Agency, Americollect, Bull City Financial Solutions, Credit Bureau Systems, Credit Financial Services, Credit Management, Creditors Bureau Associates, DataMax Corp, DSG Collect, Five Lakes Agency, J.C. Christensen & Associates, Money Quest, Online Information Services, Prince Parker & Associates, Inc., Professional Recovery Associates, Security Collection Agency, Sunrise Credit Services, The Affiliated Group, and VCS.

Known ED PCA Manager Joins NCC Business Services in Consulting Role

NCC Business Services of America recently announced it has retained the consulting services of Belinda Martin, an expert in higher education collections. Belinda will work with company stakeholders to implement policies, procedures, and other best-practices needed to help the company implement large-scale projects in higher education receivables management.

Bringing her wealth of experience to NCC, Belinda has held positions at Nationwide Credit and, most recently, Financial Asset Management Systems as a director of operations reporting to executive management to implement their directives on the U.S. Department of Education (ED) Private Collection Agency (PCA) contract. Belinda commented, “With this new and exciting opportunity, I look forward to making a significant contribution to NCC Business Services. I hope that my experience and knowledge of ED requirements will prove invaluable to a prime PCA should we be selected as a subcontractor.”

NCC Business Services is a nationally licensed third-party collection firm established in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2012 NCC Business Services was recognized as a top-performing agency by two of the country's premier credit grantors. The company is a participant in the Fed Cetera network, a group of more than fifty pre-qualified companies seeking subcontracting opportunities on the ED PCA contract.

RFPs on the Horizon

Looking ahead, indicates that the following buyers are likely to release an RFP for bidding later this quarter: Albany Water Board for utility accounts; Broward County, Florida, for library fines and fees; and, the Elgin, Illinois, Area School District U46 for fines, fees, and other accounts.

As always, part of the process of winning public sector contracts is meeting with decision makers well before any procurement starts to gain the opportunity to develop a relationship that may favorably affect the written requirements of the next procurement and, at the very least, give you special insight into what the buyer needs. users have access to MyWatchList, which lets users anticipate the release of hundreds of future government solicitations in the next year.

Around the Horn

Down South, the County of Knox, TN, awarded a contract for the recovery of court fines and fees to Gila Corp. d/b/a/ Municipal Services Bureau. Other bidders included NCO Financial Systems and Automated Collection Services. At the time of the procurement, the city had more than $18 million in delinquent accounts.

In the Midwest, Cincinnati, OH, awarded a contract for court fines and fees, damage claims, taxes, utility accounts, and bad checks to Global Control, Gila Corp. d/b/a/ Municipal Services Bureau, Professional Recovery Services, and The Affiliated Group. This one-year contract with four one year renewal options was awarded in January 2014 and each account has an average balance of $435. Other bidders included HS Financial Group, Online Information Systems, Penn Credit Corporation, and Virtuoso Sourcing Group.

Out West, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District awarded a contract to NCO Financial Systems for the collection of energy efficiency installment loans. Evaluation documents found on indicate that this is a three-year contract with three one-year renewal options. The county had more than $57 million in debt at the time of award.

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