Monday, May 21, 2018

Government Contract Leads & Intelligence
How it Works

When you become a GovWatch user, you are buying a business process you need in order to win government contracts. Our process is as follows:

  1. We continuously find and get on bidders' lists for government contracts, including paying annual fees and completing annual processes buyers require in order to remain active on their bidders' lists.
  2. We monitor our clients' third-party bid notification data feeds as a supplement to the leads we develop.
  3. As each of the hundreds of requests for proposal (RFPs) are released, we read it, in its entirety, within 24 hours, and then distribute a synopsis to you so that you and your key people read a page or two instead of 25-100 pages.
  4. We submit questions to each buyer immediately, to ascertain key data and information that may be missing from the RFP that would enable you to make the "bid" or "no bid" decision.
  5. We monitor key dates and ensure you receive all addendums and updates between the release of RFPs and their eventual due dates.
  6. We submit open records requests to government entities in relation to every contract, exercising our right to obtain information that will eventually help you.

If you want to win government contracts (or more of them), you either have already implemented a process like this in your organization or you have not.  If you have, we can show you a simple calculation indicating that our process produces better information, cheaper.  If you have not, you are at a severe disadvantage in this market and you need to implement GovWatch to keep up with your competitors.  Said another way, through GovWatch, we become your full-time government contract business analysts at a fraction of the cost of a minimum wage employee.

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