Monday, May 21, 2018

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Does GovWatch replace my other bid notification services? 
Yes and No. GovWatch includes our efforts to get on bidders' lists and stay on them, but we advise clients to maintain a supplemental bid notification license so contracts are less likely to fall through the cracks.  And bid notification is only a small part of our more comprehensive service.

Why is GovWatch so inexpensive for what we receive? 
GovWatch is a one-to-many service that has many companies as subscribers, so we are able to keep rates down based in part on our ability to identify efficiencies in our process and use technology to manage parts of it. We pass most of these savings on to you, the customer.

How can you provide this service without conflicts? 
GovWatch is a one-way information portal and process built upon public information uniquely centralized and presented.  We report information useful to our clients that they then use to pursue their sales and marketing objectives. Clients are not required to report data to us. In this way we operate outside of any perceived conflicts. Clients view us in the same way they view their need to have the best call center technology or the best skiptracing services their competitors use, as just the cost of doing business in the government contracting space that's getting more and more competitive.

I'm only interested in certain kinds of government contracts.  Can I buy GovWatch at a reduced rate?
Yes.  We offer market-specific plans so that if, for example, you are only interested in government contracts within a small geographic region or for a certain type of debt, such as healthcare, education, or utility, we can give you access to such a customized plan.


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