Monday, May 21, 2018

Government Contract Leads & Intelligence

The Costs of Implementing GovWatch

GovWatch delivers to you what equates to a full-time government contracts research and analysis department at a cost of approximately $2.85 per hour (based on a nationwide subscription including all markets).  Costs are even less if your focus is only one part of the public sector, such as healthcare, utility, education, or other niche markets.  Contact us today to find out how to calculate the costs of implementing this solution for your organization.

The Costs of Not Implementing GovWatch: The Most Expensive Non-Purchase You Ever Made

When you consider that more and more of your competitors are using GovWatch to target government contracts more efficiently and effectively than ever before, you can't afford not to make the investment.  The cost of not using GovWatch far exceeds the nominal expense of the program.  The costs of not using GovWatch include reduced effectiveness in winning contracts, reduced efficiency of your key people, and unlimited opportunity costs as you continue to operate using an old-fashioned way of doing business that you could easily offload to us.

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